Stocks, bonds,gold, FOREX around the World…
Making money….

There was always FOREX trading. For smart guys a great chance to make money.

Latest changes / pressure from investors brought Bitcoin (BTC) and Etherum (ETH) to the official game table.

(p.s. There is upcoming something cold POT STOCKS : more to come..ex DEA meets Snoop Dogg in business : more to come and how did it happen 🙂

It’s up to your common sense take a minute and think whether  you want to jump in Cryptocurrency market or not. It’s always a kind of personal preference… to some gold maybe more appealing than bitcoins, for others Feathercoins will look way more promising than Bitcoin Cash

FOREX is a part of what we can call stock/market game. You may not like FOREX but you may go for investing some money in stocks.


If you are not limited by USA residency you may find company like  eToro  a great deal as it :  trading  with  a  twist  of  social  media.

One way or another stashing money at home or on low rate deposit bank results in inflation “eating” your money.  You need to invest to keep it’s current value . Up to you how and where.
One more thing: any money / financial transaction over the internet should be secure. As for now the best way to stay on the Internet is VPN (virtual private network) where all your internet activity goes thru your own “personal tunnel”  hidden for prying criminals in uniforms etc..

I can highly recommend the link the below. Company is praised for it’s security features.