Mar 04, Rating PSr by: Aug 20, Rating. Quit any applications currently using the device. Please try it and post the results here. Oct 14, Rating. May 31, Rating. Apr 11, Rating.

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Join in and write your own yamwha Cheerful Thanks Anonymous April for your tip about switching midi in and midi out to their opposites. Raagnk You have to use UX Midi cable.

Pwr 29, Rating amazing! Jul 27, Rating i can’t transmit and recieve midi by: Thanks for your help. Now whenever i plug in the UBB Midi in cable windows xp says: DerekparametricSaul. Mar 18, Rating question by: I am good at soldering, but never replaced a hard wired USB.

I think Yamaha have stopped production of this model and now they have upgraded the model to some other serial number.


How to transfer midi files from Yamaha PSR to PC?

As tp the memory full write protected. I khow my PSR has flash memory to store songs up to 99 songs. Apr 08, Rating.

Oct 14, Rating psr cannot communicate to pc by: Click here to add your own comments Join in and write your own page! Mar 18, Rating Yamaha psr by: Oct 14, Rating.

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Anonymous first you need a midi usb cable then you need a program like sonfiler.

Yamaha PSR by: So you would need a connection that allows you to take the audio into the computer. No other cable works in Yamaha yamaga.

PSR Connecting to computer –

Thanks in advance arun. I have had a few transmission failures using 10 m midi cables.

Yamaha PSR transfer by: Average Rating Click here to add your own comments. Apr 08, Rating Hi by: Jun 28, Rating Midi Cables by: Any getting around this?


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How to transfer midi files from Yamaha PSR 290 to PC?

Aug 01, Rating. I currently use an M-Audio Firewire Solo, but that doesn’t have midi inputs. I havent as yet bought the cable – it is quite costly I believe.