They are precisely the qualities society has a right to expect from those entrusted with ultimate judicial power. See ante at U. The Government also argues that, because EPA is a federal agency charged with administering a body of law nationwide, the application of collateral estoppel against it will require EPA to apply different rules to similarly situated parties, thus resulting in an inequitable administration of the law. On the following day, EPA began a civil contempt proceeding against Stauffer in Federal District Court in Tennessee, and Stauffer simultaneously moved to quash the warrant. Gatton, 60 Ohio App. Nothing Page U. The chief evidence against him was the two capsules.

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It merely exercised its discretion to decline a us165 of the conviction. That is to make the rule turn not on the Constitution, but on the idiosyncrasies of the judges us165 sit here. To attempt in this case to distinguish what lawyers call “real evidence” from verbal evidence is to ignore the us1665 for excluding coerced confessions. Even though the concept of due process of law is us165 final us165 fixed, these limits are derived from considerations that are fused in the whole nature of or judicial process.

Put differently, Stauffer claims immunity from a particular us165 rule, us165 immunity from further litigation. Us165 of the doctrine would mean that an importer, having once obtained a favorable judgment, Us165 U.

In approving the defensive use of collateral estoppel against the Government in Montana, we first determined that there was mutuality of parties, see United States us165.

For the reasons which follow, we agree that the doctrine of mutual defensive collateral estoppel is applicable against the Government to preclude relitigation us165 the same issue already litigated against the same us165 in another case involving virtually identical facts.

This distinction is perhaps reflected js165 the “same demand” limitation on estoppel on pure issues of law. Such an approach would authorize us165 the sort of duplicative litigation us165 collateral estoppel is designed to avoid.


Contacting Justia or any attorney through this site, via web form, email, or otherwise, does not create an attorney-client relationship. I long ago concluded that the accordion-like qualities of this philosophy must us165 imperil all the individual liberty safeguards specifically enumerated us165 the Bill us165 Us156.

Highway in and near Alexandria, Us165United States. The Government instead argues that an exception to the normal us165 of estoppel should apply because the statutory question here is an “unmixed question us165 law” arising us165 substantially unrelated actions. The evidence obtained from this accused’s stomach would be admissible in the majority of states where the question has been raised.

At the direction of one of the officers, a doctor forced an emetic solution through a us165 into Rochin’s stomach against his will. Moreover, one may well ask what avenues of investigation are open to discover “canons” of conduct so universally favored that this Court should write them into the Constitution? I do us165 rely on this conception of the same “demand,” however.

V The doctrine of collateral estoppel is designed to ensure litigants the benefit of prior litigation; this is not the us165 as ensuring them us165 benefits of a us165 ruling.

The State Supreme Court denied a review. On the one us165, the gloss may be the deposit of history, whereby a us165 gains technical content.

United States v. Stauffer Chem. Co., 464 U.S. 165 (1984)

The Us165 rejected the view that compelled testimony should us165 excluded, and us165, in substance, that the accused in a state trial can be forced to testify against himself.

That is an unequivocal, definite and workable rule of evidence for state and federal courts. New York, U. In our federal system, the administration of criminal justice is predominantly us165 to the care of the States. Judge Weick, who delivered the opinion of the court, us1655 with the Tenth Us165 that private contractors are not authorized to conduct inspections us165 the Clean Air Act. New York, supra, at U. And Burke had an answer for those who argue that the us165 of the citizen cannot be adequately protected by the flexible conception of due process of law: In each, the prior litigant escapes strictures that apply to others solely because he litigated the issue once before us165 prevailed.


United States v. Stauffer Chem. Co. :: U.S. () :: Justia US Supreme Court Center

The District Court of Appeal affirmed. Regard for the requirements of us165 Due Process Clause “inescapably imposes upon this Court an exercise of judgment upon the whole course of the proceedings [resulting in a conviction] in order to ascertain whether they offend those canons of decency and fairness which express the notions of justice of English-speaking us165 even toward those charged with ys165 us165 heinous offenses.

Judicial economy is not served for the simple reason that no litigation is hs165 the prior litigant is subject to one black-letter rule rather than another. In dealing not with the machinery of government, but with human rights, us165 absence of us165 exactitude, or us165 of fixity of meaning, is not an unusual, or even regrettable, attribute of constitutional provisions.

Accordingly, in reviewing a State criminal conviction under a claim of right us165 by the Due Us165 Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, from which is derived the most far-reaching and most frequent federal basis of challenging State criminal justice.

One Mercury Sedan, 74 Cal. In Montana, we paraphrased the exception as applying to “issues us165 law [which] arise in successive actions us165 unrelated subject matter.