Mon Mar 06, You’re probably right that there is no difference, but I like to see for myself First, the connectors are less haphazard – giant ribbon cables really only serve to block airflow and get in the way of just about everything in the computer, whereas Serial ATA cables are svelte, malleable, and can be up to one meter in length, meaning more airflow, a less cumbersome time working inside your case, and those with server cases just might be able to take advantage of all those high up empty drive bays. This card did not work for me, but for someone else on Vogons it apparantly did: But I don’t think either of us know conclusively. Well, I support Intel where I can. Anyone have experience with this or elaborate further?

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You’re probably right that there is no difference, but I like to see for myself My website with reviews, demos, drivers, tutorials and more Have you tried putting the capture card in a different slot?

There are several very appealing features behind the Sil A chipset. Documentation is available on the Silicon Image website, but as the card has not yet officially begun shipping for retail consumption, how the manuals will look and feel is at the moment unknown. Anyone have experience with this or elaborate further?

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Silicon Image 3112 SATA and my Maxtor 250GB SATA == SLOOOOW!

OT, but do you know where I can find replacement plastic hex nuts used on the bottom of the board? It sounds like the problem is a sort of PCI bus contention. Reply with quote Re: When I try to enter the setup utility for the card, it doesn’t recognize any sata drives plugged into it.

Anyone who uses linux and is considering SATA controllers will no have to worry about hours spent hunting on the web and recompiling imqge in vain. There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. Yeah, I figured you know what you were doing, but sometimes it does not hurt to imagee a gentle reminder.

I’m not sure if that makes a difference.

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What I can find is that the can handle 4 devices and the 2? Jan 30, Posts: I found this thread: The machine can’t boot from CD so I’ll find a work around.

The card itself is only a 2-port. I messed with the PCI clock latency, but didn’t get any worthwhile results.

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While it doesn’t crash my system anymore, the controller doesn’t play nice with most capture cards and I’m sure Silicon Image doesn’t care much as it works with most devices that islicon need to operate in real time. The lines happen with the SATA controller regardless of the codec.

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Mon Mar 06, 9: Now I just need to silicoj out how to partition this thing with Mau’s super fdisk steps and I should be good. Just having any drives connected to the SATA controller is a risk to dirtying any frames during capture But if an IDE drive is connected as well it will boot from that first.

Mon Mar 06, 6: It’s these secondary on-board PCI-based controllers that seem to have the problems. WHQL certified versions can also be installed on Internet-connected Windows PCs by using the option in the driver update and installation wizard to search the Internet aka Microsoft’s satq for the logo’ed driver. It does look good, doesn’t it?

Users 312a this forum: I bought a Centrino-based laptop a year ago. Mon Mar 06, 4: Not sure why tested in identical setup: Still, it does look like if Sil did their homework, they could potentially resolve this problem.