The plush cushioning all around instantly starts feeling comfortable unlike some Razer and other brands that I have tried in the past. Dolby Pro Logic IIx can be turned on and off in real time, with a switch on the external audio card. The velour pads are very soft, comfortable and breathable. Well, the PC D isn’t made to be paired with such amplifier but just in case you do, this might be a concern. Turning it off will also turn off the blue LED and put the device to default stereo output. The quality is certainly there but if you amplify audio too much, the 38mm drivers doesn’t handle the lows very well and would start to experience distortions. The software doesn’t have an elaborate dashboard.

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Now let’s talk about listening to audio or movies. The Special Edition also includes a carry case. The PC Special Edition can be folded.

If you have the money and do not mind spending senheiser much on an accessory, you should close your eyes and sennheiser pc 363d the Sennheiser PC D.

Sennheiser PC 363d High Performance Surround Sound Gaming Headset

Based on my experience, it too has the clearest audio of all sennheiser pc 363d gaming headsets I’ve used. Even when it is new, it doesn’t feel hot around the ears. Sennheiser pc 363d the headband is a cushion. Moreover, the massive ear pads are just awesome. In the case of the Sennheiser PC Deveryone in our team fell in love with it at first try. That probably sums up just how good these headsets are. Surround Dongle User Guide. You can use the CD installer or download the latest version at the Sennheiser website.


Surround Dongle Downloads Get the incredibly immersive 7.

Special Editions Sometimes we develop a limited or special edition gaming product that does not have its own product sennheiser pc 363d. Summing up the Sennheiser PC D is very easy. Contact us on Facebook You can write directly to our gaming experts for product specific information, ideas or advice.

Sennheiser PC D Review – Armchair Empire

Because the focus with the PC D is towards gaming, it needed to be sennheiser pc 363d more comfortable than all xennheiser its other headphones in the past.

With 3D G4ME 1, the microphone signal is carefully converted without buzzing or hissing from the smallest whisper to the loudest shout is reproduced with ease.

For more information about the Sennheiser PC D, visit their website on this link. However, the D packs in 5. You can check out the benchmarking tools at audiocheck. The microphone is automatically turned on when you slide it down and goes off when you slide it sennhriser. The PC D comes with two 3. Our website is supported by our sponsors with advertisements that use Javascript to rotate the banners. Surround Dongle Safety Guide. The design of the two headsets is very similar, except that the surround model has a large headband sennheiser pc 363d an open sennheiesr.


Yes, the PC D is above all a gaming headset and its performance says just as much however, its specifications are that of an audiophile headset and it shows when listening to music or watching movies.

Specifically developed for high-end hi-fi headsets, EAR technology channels audio signals directly into your ears. This together with sennheiser pc 363d open acoustics helps air the ears a bit and does not put sennheiser pc 363d kind of virtual pressure on your head whether you listen to music or game with them. Only top quality materials are used and the attention to detail is superb. Likely too much for sennheiser pc 363d small 38mm drivers.

It works with PC and Mac. IO Interactive also use our professional recording microphones to record the game audio. Simply lift the boom sennheiser pc 363d and you’re off the air. The microphone, the drivers and overall surround sound technology are all what you expect Sennheiser to be.