Choose English default and click Next. Make sure Textmode driver is selected as the Mode type. Go back to the folder containing the nLite installer and double click it to start the setup wizard. Thanks men for your detailed info. The Driver Integration Options window pops up now. This article helped me tremendously. Why is OOBE skipped?

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I almost spent half a day trying to sort it out, now it nlite integrate sata working fine Thanks. Carlos 9 years ago. Sohan 4 years ago. Select the drivers you require and click OK and then click Next, and finally OK to start the process. Thank you integdate million times! Jayant 10 years ago. I integrated display driver but Windows still installs default driver?

If the AutoPlay dialog shows up or Windows XP installer starts, cancel it by clicking the X in the upper right corner of the window. Jarmo 9 years ago. Cookies make nlite integrate sata better. It helped having clear and concise directions.


Saved me lot of headache and pain. Choose English integratd and click Next. Wasted nlite integrate sata to try with a floppy disk, driver would load with F6 in setup, but wouldnt after the XP setup started to copy the files to the hard drive.

How to integrate SATA drivers in nLite with a .exe – Tech Support Forum

Unattended display settings don’t work? Holmss 4 years ago. Renold 5 years ago. I am absolutely amazed at the nlite software.

What about Windows Vista? Your instructions to nlitw raid drivers was nlite integrate sata and not hard to understandthank you very much for all the information.

Overview In essence, the slipstreaming process detailed below will involve: Nlite integrate sata Please make sure you are logged in and online before beginning. I found your guide and… Yeah it worked.

Go back to the folder containing the nLite installer and double click it to start the setup wizard. Select the drivers to integrate.

Integration of SATA-Driver for usage during Win 7 Installation

Choose the drive that contains your Windows XP installation disc. Once completed, it will display information about nlite integrate sata XP installation files. You should be at the Bootable ISO window. If you already have a folder on you hard drive with the XP CD contents, point to that.


2 Ways to Integrate Floppy SATA RAID Driver into Windows XP CD

In nLite click the Select button to select the file service pack file you just downloaded above: Here’s where I saved it: And by the way, good luck for you all.

Is this article nlite integrate sata to date? Yechwando 10 years ago. Thank you so much for this great info.

Dharam 10 years ago. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been readtimes.