I do understand why it can happen, but it certainly requires a fix. The MiniLab is a precise, powerful and inexpensive data acquisition card with 8 common terminal analog inputs or four bit differential, 2 bit analog outputs, 4 screw terminals, 28 bidirectional digital lines and one counter of events. Yes, I recommend this product! It is unknown exactly what software and drivers are included. Great minds think alike??? Universal screw-terminal board, pin view dimensional drawing More Options

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Now, two other problems are more seriously. This utility is simply faulty. The assembly itself is compiled to the target platform “Any CPU”, which allows using it in the platform-agnostic manner, despite the fact that native “cbw” DLLs are compiled to two concrete instruction-set architectures.

Was this review helpful? Electronic Board Tester 38 months ago. I use it for general control in a couple of products and it is reliable, easy to use and very affordable Job Title: Item s Added To Your Cart. You would be calling into our CBW There miilab no known limitations specific to VBA.


Mechanical Switch Closure 2.

miniLAB 1008 and the LabJack U12

This brings us to the Customer Support section. How this purely UI library of some limited use could sneak in the pure hardware unit?

Acquiring data from old instrumentation. Universal screw-terminal board, pin view dimensional drawing More Options Our experience shows that the unit is also tough and reliable enough: Input ranges in differential mode.

Product Manuals miniLAB Despite easy work-around, this is a really serious problem. The Excel VB has some limitations. For example, I had to think how to configure 4-bit ports CL and CH, when the overlapping 8-bit port C can also be configured. As it very typically observed on the software developed by hardware companies, people don’t quite understand the platforms and OS.

Bit, Low-Cost, Multifunction Module – Measurement Computing

Senior Manager of Technology Industry: I say “unfortunately”, because the control via USB bus, without inversion of controls hardware interrupts mentioned above does not requires installation of any drivers. Warranty, Liability, Compliance 1. All analog connections terminate at the screw terminals. The LabJack U12 includes all drivers.


I repaired it and the unit now works as expected. The maximum differential voltage on any given analog input pair must remain within the selected voltage range.

miniLAB 1008

A new revision of the spec sheet V1. For privacy reasons, do not use your full name or email address.

Out-of-the-box virtual instrument suite with strip chart, oscilloscope, function generator, and rate generator — professional version. Python is not a language that MCC supports. NET layer would likely be more difficult. Among other things, these functions allow miilab to: Before talking about the product itself, I want to say how great the technical support for this product was!

Hardware-selectable with zero ohms resistors Input voltage 1 2. Great minds think alike???