If so desired you can then set the CX11NF as the default printer by right-clicking on its icon in printer settings section. Didn’t happen in 9. For some reason the package installs the drivers but does not create the config file. Felix, cups-driver- gutenprint is usally installed by default, but one can uninstall it and then updates will not reinstall the package.. After some research I found the following on the Avasys website which might answer your problem, I have tidied it up a bit:.

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Printer not found

Sign up using Email and Password. Brian May 30, at 2: In messsage 57 Till Kamppeter wrote on eepson Well search no more. OK, a few things here: Should I start trying Epson drivers from other model series?

It seems both Windows Vista and Linux users are sharing the device driver pain. Mark November 4, at 4: This setup was previously working well under 8. You may get an error about pstoalcx So there you have it. You simply have to install the Jaunty version of libsane — seems there was a regression acklaser, see:.


I didn’t try any manufacturer- supplied driver though. The printer should now be available to all applications when the cupsys daemon is running. Hi guys, Going back to the original post of this thread So, when I install it, it automatically finds the printer, installs the drivers, etc.

The Epson AcuLaser CX11NF Colour Laser MFD with Linux

This is not a solitary case of somebody being unable to play minesweeper. Joao Clemente February 27, at No such file or directory: I have a similar issue with the Epson T24 and other users are having with different epson printer aculasrr At least some learning: My printer is connected directly to a USB cable regards: Previously jobs would seemingly just disappear, but now printing to my CX11 on the network is fine.

Post as a guest Name. Brian June 8, at 3: Also, permissions are OK, directory OK as well. Victor December 3, at This was not available for the USB printer set up. Literally hundreds of millions, perhaps billions, of dollars are spent every year engineering acuulaser device drivers that are forever playing catch-up with operating system development.

Recent Drivers  MS-6541 VER 2.1 DRIVERS FOR WINDOWS 7

Perhaps someone from Epson or Avasys could fill us in on that.

drivers – Install Epson AcuLaser on Ubuntu – Super User

The other PPD is of a very old Gutenprint version. I printed a test page and a data file and it was fine.

Stefano Feri March 7, at I see that someone has it working in Fedora 7, which is great. I aculaset know because it has been several weeks since I was in Millbank, and while I vaguely remember it working, I can’t be absolutely certain.

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