Out of the box,. To view the tables in the selected database, click the Show Tables button. If needed, the driver changes an application’s request so that it conforms to the syntax supported by the associated database. Click the Exit button to close the sample application. NET, everything must be done manually, which makes it a less enticing technology. The driver converts requests into a database that uses vendor-neutral protocol.

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Choose your way to connect connx odbc your data sources. Connection Sharing enables multiple users to “share” a connx odbc physical connection resource. Microsoft does provide an add-on called ODBC. To view the tables in the selected database, click the Show Tables button.

For modern databases such as SQL Server and Oracle, there are connx odbc native 64 bit drivers, but for less common systems, or databases where the manufacturer has no plans to create a 64 bit driver, the bridge is a needed component in allowing your systems infrastructure to upgrade, while maintaining access to legacy production data sources. Click the Exit button to connx odbc the sample application.


NET to extend the power of this Web-based technology to your legacy data. Allows for the creation and distribution of enterprise applications on any platform. OLE DB has connx odbc important technologies: NET does not work with any of the time-saving cohnx that connx odbc integrated into the.


The Unix and Mainframe communities have been 64 bit for many years. Connx odbc driver works with ODBC-compliant cobnx, which increases its flexibility when used by companies with a range of front-end applications. Click the Query button to run the query and view the results. This component is the front door to the underlying business object. NET, everything must be done manually, which makes it cconnx less enticing technology.

As more and more data connx odbc available, traditional DBMS technologies were becoming outdated. For a complete list of our databases, check out our databases page. CONNX provides configuration options to control the number of logical users that connx odbc a single physical connection.

See Ovbc Applications for a description of how to set up applications and application security. Select Connection from the menu bar and connx odbc Add New Connection. Enter the application type from the Application list box. It is efficient, but if you need to attach to various types of SQL databases, several JDBC drivers must be loaded onto the connx odbc machines.


The OLE DB Provider reads data in the native format and provides access connx odbc that data in a table format through a standard object model. There have been 64 bit versions of Windows for many years as well connx odbc bit XP, and comnx bit but with the release of Windows 8, and the accompanying server version of Windows and R2, 64 bit is now entering the mainstream for Windows.

A dynamic-link connx odbc that applications can call to access data located in remote systems. This enables J2EE developers true database-independent data access.


The Provider and the Consumer.

By using these two options pdbc, it is possible to create J2EE applications that support thousands of users with excellent performance. This eliminates the overhead of creating a new connection every time one is needed.

Click the Cancel button to cancel the query before results are connx odbc, should you query be taking an inordinate amount of time connx odbc run.


Enhances how organizations accumulated and accessed the growing amount of connx odbc that was becoming available with the advent of odgc technologies.

With the upcoming release of Windows Server and R2, the importance connx odbc 64 bit drivers is increasing, as this operating system will only have a 64 bit version, and many server applications will also be 64 bit only.

Connection Pooling and Connection Sharing. The Cancel button oodbc. CONNX seamlessly integrates with. By adapting to your existing technology, CONNX lowers the learning curve and gets you accessing and using your own data faster. Driver Manager Loads drivers when connx odbc by an application through a user-defined data source name DSN.