The VS65 Proto shaft will add a little weight, but obviously not much. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. I live in belgaum ,Karnataka ,India. The Diamana shaft is surprisingly smooth and the stiff flex actually felt right for my swing. The recall period will run until April Sure, it is still possible to slice the ball 30 yards if you really try, but, anything close to a square club face at impact, and I am sure you can keep it relatively close to the fairway.

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Nike believes a manufacturing mistake or variance at an overseas foundry which it would not name led to the problem, which Nike says affects a very small number of clubs. Choi to win the Chrysler Championship last fall was also conforming, Nike said.

Upon subsequent testing, the USGA notified Nike that a number of clubheads were found to be non-conforming. This sucks for Nike, but at least they are proactive about it and trying to inform the general public about the mistake. Details of the program can be found on Nikes golf website, www. I have been told that on the face of the driver the impact point on the illegal club is a circle of dots whereas on the legal club there are no dots. It is still a little chilly up here in the North East, and range balls are a little cold and flat, but I was still pounding the ball.

WTT/S: The “NON-Conforming” Nike Sumo Squared! – For Sale Archive-For Feedback Reference – GolfWRX

I have had this driver since and it is still the longest driver I have ever hit, including the SQ, Callaways, etc. Nike claims the equipment used by its tour players is not affected. Choi are in the clear. With three stock options, most people will probably be able to find a shaft that fits their swing without having to custom order an expensive after market shaft.

Recent Drivers  DRIVER: TSSTCORP TS L462C

Generally, I have found that the OEM stiff flex shafts are often on the weak side, if not regular flex. Today we are going to have a closer look at a website that offers a handicap tracking service.

Nike Recalls The Sumo 2

Sure, this is great for hitting a straight ball, but ballooning in the wind becomes a major problem and you are obviously losing a lot of distance. Cconforming I put that sort of swing on the 4DX driver, squraed knows where the ball would have ended up. After warming up a little, gaining a little confidence with this club, I started hitting the ball on the screws and was pleasantly surprised with the distance.

They cant mandate what we do, Wood said during the conference call. It is comprised of a couple conformibg gray lines, that sort of resemble a golf tee.

Nike Recalls The Sumo 2 | GolfBlogger Golf Blog

County RoadJonesboro, AR is a sq ft, 4 bed, 3 bath home listed. Share this with your golf buddies: The need for similar testing of drivers was underscored when Nike said there are no other performance issues sqquared a nonconforming Sumo2.

One thing I noticed is how shallow the driver head seems to be. The proactive solutions Nike plans to offer for consumers, retail partners and in its manufacturing process are the bigger story, Nike executives said.

I bought the Nike Sumo2 and love it. See picture for Driver marking to callaway big bertha erc 2 non-conforming. I now have a Apache MFS.


Nike Golf Issues Recall of Sumo2 Drivers

This may be a pleasant surprise to the fan of the traditional driver shape. In fact, in the case of Nike’s Sumo2 SQ, golf shops routinely continued Nike officials admitted that a return program for the nonconforming driver. I am just a golf nut that who is still trying to figure out the game of squarer.

I really enjoy this club. We did clearly state in the catalog that the was non conforming to the COR rule. The foundry does work for as many as 20 club companies, Wood said, but he would not say whether that foundry also serves the company who told the USGA about the problems with the Nike drivers.

The Nike engineers must have went right after these two specific areas, because both are vastly improved. You may want to check out the Sumo version of the club which is geared more toward the player that wants to move the ball. If you are looking to work the ball, it is possible with this driver, but it really does want to go straight. I really hope a lot of sumo owners trade in their loud driver for this particular model so my ears can relax a little at the driving range!